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Heating boilers TK, TVK and DTK

Heating boilers TK, TVK and DTK are fire-smoke tube boilers, aimed for central heating system, where heating is performed by liquid or gas fuel.

Heating boiler TVKCapacity goes from 116 kW up to 3,5 MW in 22 sizes.

Permissible operating temperature is up to 110oC and  pressure up to 5 bar.

Installation of ITG heating boilers is in accordance with the DIN 4751.

Boiler consists of drum with all requried connections as well as high quality thermal isolation with square cladding and it is placed on the skid.

TK, TVK and DTK boilers are made by welding of good quality boilerplates and pipes.

With good manufacture of ITG boilers it’s prevent the forming of condesate already at 50oC of return water.

In flue tubes there are turbolenters which increase boiler efficiency.

Openings for cleaning of boiler from its flue gas side are placed on boiler’s flue gas box.

Advantages of ITG boilers:DTK boiler

  • high efficiency and fuel combustion > 92%
  • small dimension
  • suitable for transport
  • easy installation
  • simple operation
  • door and flue gas box are dismounting ones
  • low cost of maintenance
  • lifetime: 20 years
  • garantee period: 2 years

ITG boiler’s equipment:
  • thermal isolation
  • boiler's cladding
  • turbolenters
  • control panel type KTP
    - safety thermostat
    - regulating thermostat
    - thermometer
  • Option: control panel type KEP
    - safety thermostat
    - electronic regulator
    - EDP display of 4 digital numbers 13 mm LED
  • cleaning brush

ITG boiler’s accessories:
  • safety valves
  • level probe
  • pressure gauge
  • pressure switch
  • control thermostat
  • bottom-blow valve

ITG regulating-protecting system

Technical documentation

Along with each delivered ITG boiler the following documentation is also enclosed:

  • Instruction for assembling, installation, exploitation and maintenance of boilers
  • Guarantee
  • EC type examination certificate
  • Pressure test report

Heating boilers TK are controlled in GWI (Gasw?rme Institut Essen) and they carry CE-sign and identification number CE 0085 BL 0601 and CE 0085 BL 0602, which are registered by DVGW in Germany and they are valid in 18 European countries.

Note: All information about technical characteristics on request.The following data are required in your request or order:
Number of boiler units (pcs)
Thermal capacity per boiler (kW)
Operating pressure (bar)
Maximum pressure (bar)
Regime of exploitation (90/70? C, 110/70? C, 110/90? C)
Type of fuel (gas/liquid)
Return Temperature Maintenance (Yes/No)
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